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Have you ever wondered what do we do to ourselves with backbending postures, inversions or splits? Why do we twist ourselves in all those shapes? How exactly mind-body connection works?

This introductory Ashtanga Workshop provides a detailed explanation of each posture that we get to practice in class. We will go through Ashtanga sequence of asanas, explore their properties and see how they complement each other.


We will work on your standing postures, forward and back bending, arm-balancing and inversions.


We will take a closer look at invisible and yet powerful nature of breath and bandas, dig into the core of Ashtanga Vinyasa method and try to find the bridge
that connects matter and spirit.


Included with the workshop:


- 50% theory/ 50% practice

- yoga mats

- dry fruits for snacks  

- cold kombucha and water

Bonus offer! We will count the value of this workshop towards 10-class package on our website. This is a 30% savings from $100! 

This is an amazing opportunity to kick-start your yoga practice and apply the knowledge you have learned at our Ashtanga Workshop.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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